Mr. Guldenschuh is a leader in the Article V convention movement nationwide. This movement seeks to get 34 states to pass resolutions calling for the convening of an Article V convention of states to propose one or more amendments to the U.S. Constitution on such topics as a balanced budget amendment, term limits and campaign finance reform. In 2013, he organized and brought together representatives of the active Article V Convention advocacy groups nationwide in a series of conference calls and discussion forums to address how they might be able to work together and educate the public and state legislators on the benefits of an Article V Amendments Convention.

He subsequently established the website, Fix Washington By Calling An Article V ‘Amendments’ Convention to urge State legislatures to call an Article V Convention. In 2014, he joined the Convention of States Project as its Legislative Liaison Director, where in 52 days, he was successful in getting the Georgia Legislature to become the first state in the country to pass the CoS Article V application seeking a convention of states to reign in our runaway federal government. In 2015, he was named Special Counsel to the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force. As of May, 2014, BBATF was within 7 states of reaching the threshold for the calling of an Article V Convention to propose a balanced budget amendment.

Mr. Guldenschuh is the editor and publisher of the Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report, the only nationally recognized tracker of the status of all Article legislation in the country. As a result of his Article V work, he was recently named to the Board of Policy Advisors of the Heartland Institute where he will concentrate on constitutional reforms. Perhaps more than any other individual in the country, Mr. Guldenschuh has established working relationships with virtually all groups and individuals working within the Article V movement.

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